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General rules for comments

Any ethical dialogue is welcome; it's not necessary to read the rules if you know that nothing can be considered illicit and/or problematic. It would be nice to stay on topic and in the same language of the content.

For others, we take rules seriously because the page is conceived for all ages and there are external third parties related to 10kOxygen who have their own. For this reason, accounts and comments cannot include the following elements:

  • Encourage illegal activities.

  • Offensive and disrespectful language or impersonations.

  • References to obscene material in any form.

  • Links in the name, message or comment.

  • Promote commercial services or products.

If any commentary includes a verifiable truth, it cannot be considered offensive or disrespectful when the objective is to provide information and it preserves the privacy.

10kOxygen reserves the right of closing an account after finding any comment that doesn't comply with the above terms. Rarely in principle, the comment could be edited or moderated by hand with a warning.

What to do if your account has been suspended

Everyone makes mistakes, grows or changes its mind after certain events. Please email with a brief explanation. Messages related to accounts that have been canceled more than two times cannot be answered.

Report inadequate content

Please help us to maintain a good tone in 10kOxygen reporting any illicit comment with the appropriate information to locate the comment to

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