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What's the cause of feet odor?

What's the cause of feet odor?

At first anyone could associate this issue with sweating and then hotter the temperature it could be worse. It also suggests how important the sock fiber is because some transpire better than others, like shoes. With a good shoe design, the sweat should be allowed to leave without creating problems of any kind.

With cheap fibers or shoes, the quality of materials and design in general perhaps is not the best possible creating differences from whom invest in research and development to do it right or those companies that follow other procedures and goals.

The main culprits of foot odor are little forms of life, the so-called microorganisms. Like it or not, a human foot is like a habitat or say if you prefer ecosystem —farm sounds a little strange— where there's more than skin. These microorganisms emit this characteristic odor and that's the proof that they find the necessary nutrients for being massively replicated, principally sweat.


Some benefits of making your own yogurts

Some benefits of making your own yogurts

Those machines to make yoghurts are an interesting example of how a glass serves for a lifetime. It's not the first time [...] that someone discards a perfectly durable material with theoretically unlimited uses after a single usage. With the machine, simply washing the glasses, it's easy to reuse them avoiding a very important quantity of waste if factors like average per year or person are taken into account.

There are options with low wattage (approx. 15W or less), keeping the right temperature for fermentation. They aren't particularly expensive and finally the user saves money at the same time.

You could make any kind of yoghurt from different types of milk, even mixing several ones both using milk powder or the own milk.

It also permits creativity when the user tries jam, cocoa, cream, fruits, vegetables, grainsor any particular idea, with the market as an aid for them. A market that, finally, is also the cause for a vast quantity of waste with the "single-use" dogma.

Here's a tip when the user wants a more creamy yoghurt: placing the yoghurt in horizontal, the milk serum tends to be separated, so you could release it from the glass. Doing a single time or perhaps several, the result is a more consistent yoghurt.


How to paint with air tools

How to paint with air tools

The following tips also apply to any other method that sprays the paint, like the so-called airless tools, paint guns or others. First, it may seem easy but if the user doesn't know the approach, perhaps something is going to be badly finished in the trial and error process.

If possible, try to test the device flow rate with water toward a flat surface

This is a safe and clean method to observe how the spray goes.

Applying paint without lineal and even movement usually creates drops and ruins the finish

The objective is to create a flat, even color so first practice the movement for a constant speed and distance toward the surface. This distance varies with the air pressure and flow so if you aren't sure of the tool or paint manufacturer don't provide indications, use an appropriate test surface.

If you fail applying linear movement and a constant paint flow say waiting too much in a zone or adding after, the result could be disastrous as it's practically sure that you will notice how these spots have more bright or a deeper color than the others as the paint layer is uneven.

Try to avoid spraying in angle

It has to be with the amount of paint that the surface receives when there's a right angle with it or not.

A suitable flow is a must

An airbrush like air flow doesn't fit for large areas because they are designed for not providing too much paint. It's necessary to look for specifications of gas liters per minute or similar, and compressor power to guarantee that the painting system operates without wait until the device restores the suitable pressure to apply paint.

Overlap between passes at a 50% with the last

In an even linear motion, the most used overlap is this. So if you imagine that each pass is a two-lane road, the next one should be overlapping a single lane.

Finally, the right paint, viscosity for each work and with no toxicity

Not every tool sprays the densest paint, thus a thinner comes into place. Look also for the recommended surfaces because sometimes there are main incompatibilities or prerequisites for being applied.

For instance several synthetic paints and thinners are very toxic, while different acrylics are safer and less prone to originate a mess. Each paint has different qualities and the toxicity is a main concern for who applies it or the environment.


How to polish metal easily

How to polish metal easily

To polish metal is very important because it helps to avoid oxidation and corrosion, two of the major problems of metals. These materials provide excellent strength and resistance but also an inexorable decay if the user doesn't take the appropriate measures.

A good polishing creates in the best case a mirror like finish being capable of creating pieces that fit in jewelry or other area with a specific focus in the appearance.

The process of polishing is very easy; it requires a polisher and a material to intensively rub the metal so we are talking about a mechanical one. The polishers usually employ silicones, waxes, solvents, acids and more chemicals, each one with a function.

There's the intention of discarding the most exterior layer of the metal because that way the metal loses an already oxidized surface with lack of brilliance and probably rusty or corroded to some extent. This step can be done with chemicals or mechanically with the aid of sandpaper. With sandpaper the usual technique is to select it from abrasive to soft in a linear fashion using intermediate numbers.

Once the metal has a shiny looking without the old surface, it's time to apply the polisher to give the desired finish. It's true that this could be completely manual but fortunately there are tools that keep up valuable time and provide more possibilities of straightforward success in the task. A rotary tool with a hard material in the tip should guarantee a good degree of radiance. From our experience this is a very important aspect, because a soft and kind application doesn’t work here equally well. You could experience a big change between different types of materials and polishers, so it's a matter of finding the one that's the best option.


Are you green? Take this test to know it

Are you green? Take this test to know it

Do you breathe? Need oxygen? Water? These questions by far qualify as green to everyone that answers yes with three points. Anyway let's continue with other questions to know your green degree. Sorry for the bad jokes, no offense intended.

Do you were born on planet Earth?

If so, you are a mammal, homo sapiens from the primate family because probably no other knows this language and add then other point.

Do you have a brain that you don't know how it was created from childhood?

Evolution or whatever reason, Nature chooses every factor of the characters for your awareness in that case. Every question adds a point from the beginning.

Nature or the environment is the reason for every action of your life?

Without life, optimistic mysticism aside, mournfully nobody can do nothing. Not be surprised if you are completely dependent of it. That way, what matters most might not be a gold coffin. Nor empty for the greediest!

When you breathe toxic air, do you feel right?

That's a tricky one! Please think twice before answering it to know your green level accurately. Both psychologically and physically for being realistic.

Do you think it is better to treat the atmosphere as a dumping?

To make this question more complete, it's necessary to remember that the atmosphere works as a natural protection to radiation and the instability creates critical events that potentially affect to everyone living here. An event could blow your house with you inside or convert your car in a metallic boat! It's not the first time that happens by the way, so who could play with instability being rational? We assume everyone is green also on this, or was seeing a green light answering no.

With one point or more congratulations, now you can buy a green leaf and put in the windows of your home or vehicle, that would advert others that you are green!

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