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Bike for world records

Bike for world records

Some people try hard in what they do, and of course to travel the entire world in a bike is a strong bet. Anyway some people did it in less than 150 days, almost thirty thousand kilometres.

When some people are worried about using the bike in his or her road home, less than a kilometre ... others, take this adventure. That's a great example of how the attitude is all that usually counts.

Other interesting records are also related to the bicycle like:

- Greatest distance cycled in 48 hours in a mountain bike: 721 km.

- Highest altitude cycling: 7.211 meters.

- Fastest downhill speed on snow: 222 km/h.

- Fastest downhill speed on soil: 172 km/h, descending a volcano!

It would be nice to know a record distance with a sun powered bike. Power developed, and this kind of thing.

Meanwhile, we are left with most electricity generated pedalling in one hour, it can reach even 400 watts!

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