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Is interstellar travel on the agenda?

FeaturedThe amazing Hubble Space Telescope!The amazing Hubble Space Telescope!

Of course this question was proposed so many times, and most of the time the answer. Simplistically, there are only three factors. Speed, distance and the probability of collision so... it doesn't look difficult! Then, is it an easy task? Let's talk about these variables first.

Proxima centauri could appear as the closest star in almost every source, and the current estimated distance to Earth is 4.24 light years. If the light could pass seven times for the same world's location around the equator after traveling about 40.000 km each time, within a second, to imagine an hour at light speed is more than complex.

Some stars are more than 10 billion light years far away from here. They are estimations, although the error shouldn't be very important, specially considering the lifetime of a human being. That leads to appreciate another sub-variable that converges with the other three.

Even creating an accelerator in Space like those of particles and achieving near light speed for some object, the probability of collision and deviation proportionally augment with the speed. Usual propulsion vehicles are below 100.000 kilometers in an hour.

Taking a calculator, with 100.000 km/hour, the result are hundreds of years to reach proxima centauri, and the same for coming back. Probably, no one will try this awesome challenge, and for sure not alone at this speed if the plan includes to stay awake.

On the other side stays the “tunnel” of science fiction, space-time, worm holes, teleportation and other surprising ideas. Who knows, but nor even the energy that comes from stars or other sources like the center of a galaxy could surpass light speed. This energy seems an instantaneous creation where such terms that mean infinite aren't possible. Space escapes from words; a perfect argument for taking extra care about Earth's environment and its varieties!

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