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Driving safety

Driving safety

Statistics provide detailed information about injuries and fatal accidents in each country. Normally, as the human evolution in genetic aspects makes people technically similar, when very noticeable differences arise, it's a sign of something more than the ability to drive or tendencies to mistakes.

For instance, a country could experience a much higher number of deaths in each group of 100.000 citizens. Assuming that statistically the same number of individuals have vehicles and use them for multiple purposes, this difference seems awkward. Although there are several subjects of interest like habituation to a driving style, speed limits, type of road and its conditions, age to drive, drug policies, and such possible causes.

Countries like US or China experience a multiplication factor of even 7X in comparison to some European countries in deaths per group of population. Very important difference. According to Wikipedia, Norway has a 2.9 in 100.000 inhabitants per year while US has 11.6 (4X) or China 20.5 (7X). These are two of the most important economies right now so it worth a study from their governments.

Living in a place with that number of fatal accidents, it should be enough to be more careful driving and be responsible denouncing others with bad attitudes. Also for assigning a high degree of control in roads, with more serious penalties for those that do not respect the signals or the code of conduct.

Better education for being more responsible. Driving without assuming risks of any kind stays as the better option.

We recommend checking this advice for driving safer.

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