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Against customer freedom

Against customer freedom

In this scenario of private companies trying to sell as much as possible, mixed with the effectiveness of the ads due to a precarious education, being better the one that gives the protocol to select without manipulations of any kind, there are multiple efforts to force users with bad practices. Efforts that must be seen against freedom, and at the same time, when these practices cause damages, the population should start legal actions to protect their patrimony and rights.

Multiple examples, but let's cite here when you buy a hardware product that needs software to run and it comes with inherent applications that cannot be uninstalled by default, forcing the user to see logos and have a myriad of running processes that consume resources and make the system slower.

Also when the people behind the software create limitations that don't allow to configure the system because that would mean the ability of bypassing those manipulations.

Telecom companies do train their software engineers —something that not every engineer would do— to code these pieces of software. If you do a survey, asking simple questions about the aforementioned manipulations, about if the population wants them or not, probably the results would be sufficiently conclusive to speak about democracy. Although, is it democracy? Who and why allow companies to go against the will of the entire society?

We live in a society that could include individuals that do not make choices because they are right, but for economic reasons. Newly it lacks the vision to understand that for being someone you only need a pen and a paper, where the money only could give a false impression that doesn't last a hundred years; not like the paper, with an interesting idea or a great art piece.

Fortunately, laws are advancing in the field of customer protection, and in international treaties as well. But it still has room for enormous improvements that must stop those unethical tries coming from decisions behind closed doors without transparency. But you can identify who proceeds in these methods easily and apply an appropriate tag, like the future will do.

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