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Protecting children from adult oriented businesses

Protecting children from adult oriented businesses

Children's education needs to be done with responsibility, remembering that they have the right to grow and mature in an environment that respects them. As the civilization evolves, there is a statistical increment in those areas that leave the wild condition, walking with clothes, not having sexual relationships in public like other animals, and respecting the freedom of children while they can't decide by themselves. Past ages now are considered near savageness and perhaps today as well in the future. Why? Let's analyze what is normal on the present day while multiple people seem to not care.

Search engines are promoting porn and using it for increasing revenue figures. Those individuals behind them could have the idea of creating separate pages, one for searching porn and another for a public-oriented (with minors), instead of mixing the two functions in a single search engine. That false morality of not looking themselves in the mirror as a porn-oriented search engine staff is not well fitted with the reality. Try to search for "naked finger" (not a porn-based query, maybe for avoiding gloves in the images) in Google, Bing or Yahoo, several of the most widely used search engines and you would see any kind of porn without limitations. What a reality. If anyone forgot, porn is not a movie but a document where the individual is not acting as there is a real physical contact, exhibitionism and implicit prostitution most of the time. As the people behind those businesses look not very worried about the education of children, perhaps because they think more about clients, the solution must come in the form of social awareness and legislation.

It's true that numerous countries have been developing laws to protect children so who exposes pornographic material or sex-shop articles in public is considered a delinquent and it means punitive responsibility. As the free enterprise dogma always searches for profitable areas to exploit, the risk of trying to sell sex-shop articles in public spaces increases, or known brand names trying to sell them as "electrostimulators" like another coffee grinder or shaver for nose hair. They are sex-shop articles and sex-shop article manufacturers.

If anyone uses those articles in private, well, they aren't necessary as natural contact is more than enough, but trying to stop them doesn't fit with their freedom. When children are near, the scenario must change because they can't be compelled to look those sex-shop objects, or worse the act of using them —this could be enough to be behind bars in multiple countries—. It's also by mere responsibility of the adult people trying to respect the education of children and leave them a free space to grow without obscenities.

Do children have that space today? It's a great hypocrisy to create legislation for countries, and at the same time forget what Internet is becoming for those exact same products and how the interaction is provided in a much easier path. Some, after seeing the discontrolled environment, focus the capitalist side of politics talking about the economic interest to let the businesses field to act toward anyone. If this is true or not in some cases, really doesn't matter as the most important thing is how it happens today and it's written in the human history. These elements are associated with abortions and other risks or dramas at the personal level because young people sometimes don't know that life is not a game.

Youth makes adults responsible, or say guilty.

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