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About 75 years and running very fast!

FeaturedAbout 75 years and running very fast!

Running is a great sport but incorrectly could be very problematic because the errors cause damage in each cycle of movement, and there are not a few singularly for long distances! But some individuals prove that taking appropriate measures thanks to the available information on the subject, the active life for a runner may reach even 100 years, as the oldest marathon (42.2 km) runner did recently.

Incredible how people with near 75 years are capable of running marathons at an amazing rate per minute of approximately 4:20, with a total time close to 3:00. Some people associate those ages with people that cannot make exercise, going slow even walking with a myriad of problems. This shows a clear reality: this is not at all true; potentially.

That pace is very problematic for young people as well, with an average time in a marathon per race of about 4:15 for men and 4:45 for women. Do you imagine running with a 75 year man and see how he goes far more solid than people 30 years younger? This is the power of training, and none should forget this reality but to take notes and start training as fast as possible! The particular person that inspired this article looks surprisingly younger, and it looks usual in these scenarios.

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