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Reduction to simple things, a technique

FeaturedReduction to simple things, a technique

Possibly the basis behind rather intricate subjects hides a conceptual simplicity that cannot be forgotten and still is usually in several educative scenarios. For instance you could try to make it complex, but an integral finally is an approximation of an area below a function or the Fourier Transform a correlation (by means of multiplication) of sines of different frequency with a signal.

Some perceive a great mistake in trying to educate creating a habituation to solve problems with a procedure as when this method fails the individual, as it could lack the understanding of basic elements, cannot proceed finding a viable solution.

You could see how the education tries hard mixing aspects in mere weeks or even days that like it or not were part of decades of hard work for being proposed. How those subjects could be understood? A solution would lay studying the procedure for the exam and after it perhaps the personal advance is not as it should be, even if it looks nice in the qualifications. Not very brilliant trying to give the impression of knowledge repeating methods or in the worst case opinions to achieve success because the failure could come later. The education should promote the complete understanding of every subject, and for that the reduction to simplicity, looking behind the lines, is a good technique.

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