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Solar trackers with photovoltaic panels

FeaturedSolar trackers with photovoltaic panels

Plants do a great job tracking Sun for getting as much energy as possible, although with solar panels is more difficult as they need external motors. Solar panels of today need considerable space to get relevant quantities of energy, and with a tracking mechanism the total harvested energy increases with importance, even up to 40-50%.

At least it's interesting to have two axis, for main rotation and inclination. It's really amazing how a rotating panel of this kind could produce enough energy for a home during decades, completely free and clean!

For giving you an example we are going to select AllSun Trackers by ReVision Energy, an USA company based on Maine. They produce dual-axis solar trackers with an estimation of 10.2 kilowatt hour per year for each individual tracker of 24 panels rated at 240W.

The AllSun tracker series 24 then provides with a bit of simple maths:

10.200 kilowatts hour per year = 27.945 watts hour each day = 1.164 watts hour

Not every home consumes almost 30 kWh in a 24 hour period! And that's alone, without using energy storage. Besides all inherent technology is experiencing constant advances.

Photovoltaic panels are starting to have a more or less reasonable price, as the user must know that don't last forever and someday they should be replaced. Solar trackers are without doubt an interesting option, although this market was practically reserved almost for rich people during too much time.

Using renewable energy is the unique rational way to live —keeping the environment in good state for being habitable— and then everyone should have access without having to fight companies with their sight clouded by lucrative interests. Democracy must also request changes.

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