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9 benefits of rechargeable batteries

9 benefits of rechargeable batteries

This field has been experiencing multiple advances in the last decade, and now, to purchase and use rechargeable batteries is really easy and recommendable. To purchase rechargeable batteries provides several advantages of which we will select nine adding a little explanation in each one.

Please remember that any battery must be handled with care. Those based on Li-Ion could be explosive, others carry dangerous chemicals. After use, your city should have special containers for handling batteries and it's because of the environmental impact that could create without care.

1. With rechargeable batteries, the number of depleted batteries is much lower

The battery is gone and now what? You can replace it, but the depleted batteries need find a safe location, occupy space and they are useless. It increases the possibilities of environmental issues as manufacturers do need employ chemicals to produce more, and the potential recycling operation is also dangerous.

2. A rechargeable battery could be refilled up to 1000 or more times

Some have a manufacturer specification of 1500 times! That equals to several years of normal use without problems.

3. Once you buy the charger, it should work to recharge all rechargeable batteries of the same kind

Electronics are based in several principles away of merchandising, so the only precaution is to know that voltage is not the same for Lithium based rechargeable batteries as they have normally 3.6V while the most common and widely used are 1.2V (near 1.4V with multimeter, fully charged).

4. There are models of rechargeable batteries almost without memory effect

The memory effect is when the battery “reminds” certain charging cycles and the performance gets worse in terms of overall life and it could also hold less charge.

5. Rechargeable batteries save money and considerably

Multiply the price of a single use battery blister by hundreds and get an estimation of potential savings!

6. New rechargeable batteries compare with alkaline batteries in terms of performance

The range of an AA (really common model) alkaline battery could reach about 2600 mAh (2.6 amperes during an hour, so if your device needs 300 mAh, it could be alive during almost nine hours) while new rechargeable batteries have a specification of 2850 mAh.

7. The hassle of high self-discharging rate is finally solved

Sadly, different rechargeable batteries could experience a really high self-discharging rate meaning that a big percentage of charge is lost each month without being used. Although there's a new specification called LSD (Low Self Discharging), with manufacturers claiming only 15% lost each year!

8. Several rechargeable batteries support high speed charging

Nothing prohibits you to have other replacement batteries just in case of being necessary, but without them, a high speed charger almost guarantees that in a couple of hours or less charging you'll have electricity for a while.

A good charger might provide a full charge below three hours.

9. Rechargeable batteries have warranty

Thought to last years, they should! If something goes wrong and the battery stays on absenteeism, carry it to the seller and solve the problem receiving a new one or with luck a new pack!

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