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The nearest galaxy: Andromeda

FeaturedThe nearest galaxy: Andromeda

With approximately a trillion stars after a rough approximation made with special equipment, Andromeda keeps about 2.5 million light years from the Milky Way. This distance diminishes minute after minute.

The name comes thanks to mythology once again, from those believed Greek gods hat were living in a mystical place, still unknown or undiscovered. Andromeda was a female.

This galaxy contains another clear example of a mysterious center, a large spot that creates a special bright and the rotation of other objects. With that bright, it doesn't look at all a hole! Neither black, it looks like a rotating flare composed by a cluster of stars.

Galaxies could collision, and Andromeda has the Milky Way in its path. It will be after a while though. Probably after the exhaustion of the Sun, so the human species should be already gone to another place or worse.

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