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Quality, another word for durability

Quality, another word for durability

The Sun is a nuclear factory that was producing energy during millions of years, and it will last much more. There is then a nice example of engineering with capitals, where others could be even as disappointing as to not use this energy and trying others with eventual risks, some extremist.

If an entity creates a product for lasting two or three years after constant use, its quality cannot be presented as an example. Everyone should know the problem of those companies that rely on constant sales for being active, and how the search for sales produce enormous quantities of despised products. With them, another measurable quantity of unsustainable waste that improves overall toxicity and risks for health.

With basic assumptions like this, a social system of this kind goes to worse and the issue is much bigger in dependency of how many individuals purchase new and despise older products. The zones that leave poverty and start to having enough resources for entering in the chain of consumerism are more instead of less, so this factor also produces an aggravation of the figures in the future.

The possibilities of the quality aren't defined by private lucrative interests. In some cases the state of the art in engineering establishes thresholds. However, that doesn't mean what the real possibilities allow. It's a reality how different industries rely on pieces with an obvious rate of autodestruction while their R&D efforts doesn't point here. Price ranges are another source that causes the selection of materials without enough quality to last at least a century.

What do you think, in general, do companies are trying to create products that last more or less? You could make a poll, and be no surprised if almost everyone says less. It would be a reality that speaks for the production chain, the people behind it, and the reasoning of the entire civilization in this moment of history.

It's obvious that creating products to last more and promoting a responsible use, the quantity of waste —cause of issues— diminishes. Multiple advertisements look right now to not think in the old product but in the new, focusing sometimes psychological manipulations to achieve the goal of another sale. A sale of a product that doesn't last decades, so the nonsense goes high as the fortunes toward different sectors. Is this epoch more important than the future for multiple generations? Who could think in those practices? Even if today is not a felony, tomorrow could and should!

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