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Surpassing 70% from renewable energies

FeaturedSurpassing 70% from renewable energies

It's a reality, some areas are evolving their energy production into renewables up to more than 70%. Hydroelectric, wind turbines and solar power continue as the top sources. These figures make clear to understand what kind of economies are oil and nuclear based, producing an enormous set of problems.

The black gold was an easy source but full of noxious consequences. Even who deny climate change, or ocean acidification, perhaps shouldn't forget airborne pollution, the high risk coming from particulate matter or sets of chemical substances added into the public air. This can be analyzed and seen with the naked eye.

Unnecessary risks that cannot exist using the primary source of energy and all their inherent representations. If you want to understand what the Sun can do, cleanly, is to imagine what would happen placing the planet Earth in a close proximity. Each second, during thousand million years, the entire planet would be vanished like ash to the wind.

The problem is what you do inside the atmosphere, specially nuclear. All radioactive material should be as far as possible, and in another planet better...

Meanwhile, there's who play more rational cards: 70% of renewables and growing! Those dystopian futures are a nightmare to remember.

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