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If GPS is a reality, why a security channel is not?

FeaturedIf GPS is a reality, why a security channel is not?

Thousand applications demand a security channel to simply allow the delivery of coordinates and date packets through a public system, and an identifier. The necessity of this is vital, and a great improvement in everyday life so it's inconceivable how today still lacks the organization to create projects that are perfectly possible with current technology.

While GPS and Internet based systems are now used, the most problematic issues continue being produced each day due to this unappropriate dependency. There are difficulties to acquire a second mobile card (SIM) to those GPS receivers that use its band to deliver the location information. Or when Internet is not ready. Where is my ...?

With a dedicated frequency band for security, to provide the location would be a matter of unsophisticated, widely available, small and low weight items that everyone could use for locating people or items, even powered with movement. Telecommunication companies should cooperate on this regard with the infrastructure.

With this info, the security forces or whomever would have a track to follow avoiding the risk of multiple contingencies. It's time to implement a security system band of this kind as fast as possible!

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