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Introducing graphene into the market

FeaturedCoal is carbon, as graphene Coal is carbon, as graphene

Because it needs a time-line or due to being excellent to create a succession of lucrative releases to the public? What's already there is the speed of the Chinese market to develop graphene based batteries, digitizers or other common parts for new technology.

The usual time-lines for developing products based on emerging technologies was demonstrated to be of mere months, if all the engineering goes correctly and there aren't other interests that impede the release. Specially in technologies that only introduce a graphene based element to improve a specific part of the whole system.

However, other companies look maybe clumsy in comparison. From our personal experience in not so much time publishing articles, we just learned how easy was for some to announce marvelous properties, keeping the press interested, with names and other personal references, that finally never arrive. Before speaking, for some is better to wait until the job is done or at least in the production chain, because otherwise you are on risk of losing any trust, and for a long time.

For instance, the gram of graphene oxide could go from 1$ to 400$, and if you think on it, this is another time an enormous difference. A bit exaggerated, as quantity also matters, but even purchasing a single gram you would discover how this is another source of great revenue due to excessive prices, and the search for exploiting new technologies. It doesn't help the evolution of the technology and the civilization.

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