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Don't you miss a new Network connector?

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RJ-45 (8P8C) is very old, more than home computing, so it should be time for another solution. One that is thought to be plugged into new technology like tablets or smartphones. Some say USB 3 would be the solution, although why not a specific one?

With several countries banning Wi-Fi from certain spaces and several studies linking this specific radiation with health problems, mobile devices must have a ready to use network cable receptacle. Right now, it looks like millions of tablet and smartphone users are being forced to use Wi-Fi as with their OS it's difficult or even impossible to connect any available network via a conventional cable, that finally it's more robust, fast and less prone to interceptions and failures. Tethering over USB makes it possible for some as the hardware supports it, however, some don't want to improve this functionality from the start. Why? Good question.

A person that wants to use new technology but without Wi-Fi could as well experience great benefits. Multiple tools allow offline operation, because they are thought to be completely independent of any network. Web pages, magazines or whatever document can be stored for being viewed later. There are specific tools for this purpose, so you could be very busy in between connection points. With other words, once the device is plugged to the network via a cable, you could download upgrades and material to keep you happy. Everything in "airplane mode", so, no radiation at all from a nearest point.

A tablet or a smartphone are like computers, but they lack very simple things like the possibility to use an Internet connection from a network cable. Very disappointing talking about engineering and user experience. The life is not the same every day, sometimes a network cable is the only available one, for thousand reasons. The problem is when the device is a bit "strange", so it doesn't talk the protocol.

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