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Does Android open applications without your consent?

Does Android open applications without your consent?

Although perhaps you should say the engineers or individuals behind these moves. Today we've noticed how an application, MyTracks, was opened in background, consuming a high percentage of the battery, like "Google Services", even more than the operating system.

As MyTracks needs user interaction to start its operation, having it in background doesn't make sense. Besides, when an application consumes more than the operating system, something is wrong and it's not exemplary.

The problem is when your battery consumes recharging cycles due to these mistakes and the RAM memory consumption is higher because the operating system launches applications without your consent, loading computational resources and resting them to the user actions. Also, it gives to you the sensation that perhaps you must buy another, because the battery doesn't last, or it's getting slow in some operations.

Buying another without taking advantage of what one has, it's the cause of tons and tons of electronic waste that causes toxicity and danger to health, to multiple life forms.

It's necessary to make the most from any electronic device. For this reason, you should know that it's possible to gain control over certain hardware and avoid bugs or configurations thought to force users in the task of upgrading their devices, with in fact are bad practices and illegal, enough for legal responsibilities.

In Android, there's a section to check the battery usage, so to identify harmful applications and uninstall them is easy. Different applications were installed by default and they are blocked for uninstalling, although different software allows to accomplish the task. Also to configure services for being inactive, or monitoring applications that the operating system wants to open without reason [¿?], in a mobile device, consuming battery and resources. One of them is Greenify, also Disable Service, or App Quarantine.

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