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Abstract memory, a great resource

Abstract memory, a great resource

The ability of the human mind of creating images and visualize them with detail, it's one of the most important characteristics of the brain, and a strong memory. Although its use is natural, anyone should learn to utilize it for more purposes. When to remember multiple things at the same time seems difficult or impossible to the other kind of memory, the abstract memory perhaps will allow to memorize that complex data.

There are people capable of playing blindfolded chess up to dozens of players. Or who remembers hundreds of numbers, faces or in general, elements in a short period of time. The abstract memory, plays most of the time the main role in these feats that at a first glance seem impossible to other people.

As everything in life, some have more than others in several aspects and vice versa, however with practice the abstract memory gets more powerful until perhaps the moment where the individual using it understands its power, making it the first choice in multiple situations.

This life it's full of exams that exert a form of pressure, and any technique to be a bit more secure on them is very handy. Sadly, not everyone knows that surpasses traditional memory in numerous scenarios. To give a start, the method of Loci looks interesting. No one could be disappointed with it!

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