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Producing a lasting capacitor with high capacitance, is it impossible?

Producing a lasting capacitor with high capacitance, is it impossible?

Electrolytic capacitors, intensively used for power supplies after and before rectification or other conversions and thus only accounting this part of a circuit almost every electronic device has several ones, normally use a non-solid electrolyte that degrades over time as a direct consequence of temperature.

Parts of this kind could be seen as ideal to those engineers that follow the auto-destructive plan in their job, because the temperature of the circuit can be known with enough exactitude to establish the failure of the capacitor. Multiple capacitor manufacturers provide detailed specifications and equations for the part to calculate the time that it would last at a certain temperature.

Then, it's pretty straightforward to place the capacitor in an area with a temperature where the capacitor shouldn't fail in the warranty time but for sure in the next years of use. After a failure of these parts, the circuit loses functionality, and the user can't use it.

The question is, how many industries are trying to solve this problem to guarantee that their products are well engineered to last a lifetime? The first approach is to invest on R&D, publicly, and establish goals for a near future. Because otherwise, it could look like that the industry cannot achieve a technology that could replace an old one, known for being the main cause of an irrational quantity of electronic waste year after year. A waste that sooner or later interacts with the quality of life of every living creature on this planet because it affects to the air or water, at a global scale.

More important than money is health; it's always important to remind it. This area needs regulation to impede selling techniques that are based in creating products carrying an auto-destruction plan from the beginning, with scandalous examples of capacitor placements.

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