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Beam collisions peak records

FeaturedBeam collisions peak records

After a long break, the CERN, the world largest particle accelerator, starts other time high energy collisions. They are using hydrogen in a gas tank for feeding one of the greatest feats of engineering! For sure between the largest experiments ever conceived in our history.

What is singularly interesting is how in the present time the experiment breaks records in beam collision energy with approximately 13 TeV. Then, it is an unknown field that relies on theories although finally no one can assure 100% what's going to happen in these collisions.

We cannot forget that the idea of breaking something to observe what's inside comes from ancient times, and it's a byproduct of a rational process. This approach has several issues because if the observer has only broken pieces, it's easy to interpret the results according to available theories and their mathematical models, even if they are incorrect. So, looking for gnomes, you see a little red object that seems a hat, maybe you would say: we have one! But perhaps lacks relationship with gnomes.

However, particle physics continues as a top source for theories, where it is strange not to find multiple groups arguing about what's going on inside the atom, how particles interact or the formation of matter.

Behind this experiment, multiple technical devices normally are more important than faith in a particular theory, because they can conclusively detect specific events. If a collision, at a certain energy, releases something new without leaving room for interpretations, it can be reproduced and the machine works well, without defects, the science sector could account with relevant info in the task of understanding our existence. To live these discoveries should be amazing for any individual living in this planet!

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