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Modular, a key to less problems

FeaturedModular, a key to less problems

When you design a product for auto-destruction, and this process means to increase the quantity of toxic elements that your health is going to interact with in a near future, the act is very disappointing in rational terms. Some think that it is better to create products where the price of the repair would be more expensive than an eventual substitution because that means the possibility of another sale. While this manipulation, very unfair with the non-guilty users, and what is worse with the environment, is true, developing a modular system could be even more profitable, and fair so you don't create side-effects with practices that no customer approves.

We are planning to provide examples with boards obviously designed for being discarded after some years of use. With another design, and the same pieces, the unit shouldn't fail as easily.

With a modular basis, the user could replace and upgrade specific parts of the device using simple mechanisms. If a module carries parts with a technical lifetime, stress or prone to fail in general, after an almost secure failure, the user buys another module. Pieces of metal, or with elements that do not experience time related degradation, are conserved, or with other words, not thrown to the environment creating multiple hazards in a degenerative endeavor.

The industry should go for this road since today multiple of them (or every single one in different fields) are guilty of forcing users to discard their electronic devices, creating massive quantities of toxic waste.

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