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The last questions of Science Part II

FeaturedThe last questions of Science Part II

More than one field is understanding now after science work that is more or less impossible to create robots that emulate the characteristics of living creatures, available during millions of years and based in the same energies that everyone could interact with, because they are already discovered. Why is not possible?

The human organism talks for a reason, and you can modulate your voice to sing articulated sounds. Different ones sound like an angel, others like something coming from a cavern in the deeps, however if you want it in a robot, the only solution is to adapt what was already there into the "technology". Charming nomenclature then, technology, when the only solution is to copy or imitate because millions of ideas and solutions are already taken by Nature.

When a person analyzes something there's the possibility of do not accounting all the necessary factors, forgetting or leaving unseen potentially huge quantities. It happens all the time, and today the civilization carries too many examples of wrongdoing in terms of sustainability, equality and talking about the destruction of the ecosystem, its working cycles during billions of years, and the attack to the diversity and legacy.

Could anyone conceive that everything that happens today about development is like a predestination thanks to having the elements and a rational brain? Would it happen in another planet around the Universe with the same elements and rationality, but a different species and time? Sadly, it's clear that sooner or later, but perhaps they could be smarter about the environment and its destruction. One discovery leads to another, and there are surprises like electricity, semiconductors, nuclear energy, hydrocarbons, derivatives, differential equations, magnetism, electromagnetic waves, or whatever element that advances new ages, and their conveniences and inconveniences.

Some individuals fight to place the name but anyone should differentiate about a discovery and an invention, or when the invention is a direct rational consequence of the discovery, impossible without it. Like a race, some want to win it, but the reality is: you are a running for a reason. It looks like an idea; to create the pieces for the puzzle that some day it will be discovered. Think in electricity, how many years was there without being noticed, and it was from the beginning. Then, Zeus, the God of Thunder, had the ability to create bursts of energy, just a bit after pharaohs firmly believing, and their population, in being divine.

Now the field of science has a new fashion and it's to doubt the existence of something above everything. Some inaccurate and diachronic texts attributed to a superior entity had considerable guilt, as they were proven incorrect. Nevertheless, the last question of science, narrowing the focus of attention until the minimal bit of uncertainty, will always ask why this single behavior that cannot be explained decomposing it into others, and that implies to accept the conception of the Universe, its elements and interactions as if it were different, it would be another Universe, another science.

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