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If another mechanic hard drive goes bad

If another mechanic hard drive goes bad

Before throwing it to the trash, forced by someone, It could be useful to install a SSD drive above it! With a double-sided tape, you could use the antistatic bag to shield the unit at the same time. The SSD drive should be firmly attached for a normal use. Solid state drives are usually sold —some very expensive— without the 3.5" mount, in the usual 2.5" format for laptops or other alike portable devices.

Things to consider before purchasing a SSD:

• Serial Ata (SATA) has different versions, so to make use of the higher speed of a SSD versus a mechanic drive you must account with this factor. SATA3 is mandatory because with SATA2 the difference could be minimum.

• Selecting a SSD drive is not always about speed because reliability could be for sure more interesting. If it's too fast but it fails just a bit after the warranty, and other lasts ten years even a bit slower, the second is a better drive.

• A mechanic drive is much more prone to fail than a solid state drive because its inherent construction with motors, reading heads and several other moving parts. Also less resistant to shocks and a total malfunction. Less energy demand with a SSD. The weight is ridiculous!

• There are manufacturers with a 10 year period and others five. It's clear that this technology is more secure. Buying with a long period of warranty ensures high quality manufacturing standards.

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