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Claiming for legislation about equipment repair

If the switch fails, this Trust device doesn't provide optionsIf the switch fails, this Trust device doesn't provide options

Too many times perfectly usable materials get wasted because the manufacturer doesn't provide an easy mechanism, or standard pieces to repair the unit. A manufacturer must know for instance how many operations a piece with stress can allow. A switch, a button, a capacitor, and so on. They are rated for a specific number of operations, or in time.

Those pieces, then, sooner or later will fail, and the user or a technician could easily replace them. Specially if the manufacturer engineers methods for an easy restitution, those that even who doesn't know what a screwdriver is could repair the unit. Is it possible? Of course, even a kid would think viable methods.

Does anyone remember the extreme problem of waste? It harms to everyone; who produces and their families and also the rest of the people. Simply for being plastics, there are multiple concerns about their toxicity. Right now there's a big debris area in the Pacific. Even in a field, most of the plastic never pass to the recycling process, so some decide to burn them and this causes more pollution into the collective air, for being delivered to any part of the globe thanks to the dynamic atmosphere in which we live in.

It's time to ask for rationality in these terms, trying to control every factor that could lead to less waste. Equipment repair for a long service life is an obligation for any individual living in this planet, in this context.

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