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Kiwix, Wikipedia offline

FeaturedIf the Kiwi is endangered, maybe other generations will not see it alive... for a reason!If the Kiwi is endangered, maybe other generations will not see it alive... for a reason!

While some are worried about extracting money from the society with lamentable, unrespectful practices, a decorated deceptive dialogue in between while they are harming the environment, being responsible of mountains of electronic waste, others seem to go for a different road. This is the case of the people behind Kiwix, the Wikimedia Foundation, with the goal of providing access to the human knowledge, in any place, without paying for it, with free tools, available to all countries in any degree of development. A good philosophy, but anyway some used it for instance talking about open source, to create a model of business using solid software and saving in investments. This is what happened with Android, with some law professionals still asking if it complies with the open source license, of a "derivative work".

Kiwix is available in Linux, Windows, Mac and finally Android after a pretty long wait. Installing the software is very easy like a normal application, but it requires an external file, so download the file with the content and you are ready to go. From the application or via repository here.

Note: In the repository, search for "zim", and after "Wikipedia". The files are marked with a language code and the date. Thus "en" for English, "it" for Italian and so on.

What does Kiwix mean? Principally freedom and equality. No worries about companies establishing expensive data plans for Internet access, or the availability of networks. In any place, in any situation, take your device and use the knowledge. Sometimes, it's the key to new ideas or amazing works with an use, a convenience, for everyone.

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