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Android KitKat microSD scandal, be warned

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It's not licit when you observe manufacturers selling devices, advertising the availability of a microSD card slot, and after, you discover that the operating system blocks apps when they want to write in the microSD space, creating one of the most absurd limitations in the history of computing.

Well known that different manufacturers establish price ranges in terms of internal memory, without innovating, proving a considerable lack of ideas to conceive another model of discrimination. Multiple times it was the main cause of users without possibilities to install more applications; so perhaps buying another device, and at the same time, creating electronic waste that it's harmful to everyone.

With those business models, it also another sad and lamentable reality when the users have installed chips onto the mainboard with more capabilities (with the data-sheet at hand, they specify those aspects) and limited by software. So, the user pays those chips and different functionality stays for nothing, probably consuming energy. Perhaps a governmental entity would ask if this should be legal, as a deceit and very unrespecful practices to the environment and the customers. And it's a reality to check in technical terms.

For sure, to have a device that tries to block mere "copy and paste" operations between internal and external storage —let's repeat: one of the most absurd limitation of all time in the history of operating systems— is a factor to decide buying another device or migrate to another OS. Fortunately, there are solutions for this "scandal", but some could involve losing the warranty like rooting the device. Here, with the aforementioned advertisement of the microSD slot, a factor for many to decide buying a model or another, it should perhaps require to start legal actions against the manufacturer that does not accept users trying to gain access for writing in their microSD card.

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