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Colossal carbon tubes, to the Space!

FeaturedColossal carbon tubes, to the Space!

For ages, the idea of an elevator to Space was in the mind of multiple individuals. As technology evolves, some materials seem to fit for this purpose. One of them are colossal carbon tubes, with surprising qualities in terms of strength, tenacity, ductility or conductivity.

It was said that this material could replace cotton, although this looks a rather difficult task. However, for specific applications this option comes first in the list! There's also the pressure of graphene.

The numbers aren't easy for today's development. It's necessary a cable with a wide diameter, some say one meter, and cable for tens of thousands kilometers.

We really think this possibility is going to be a very common experience in the future, perhaps not only an elevator, but structures, thought to be ductile and strong enough to permit wagons. The construction seems a task for robotics. Out there is a vast area to collect energy, and at the same time, a very interesting trip!

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