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Greenhouse gas emission targets for 2020

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The Kyoto Protocol establishes new goals for 2020, while different countries still continue without interest on being responsible with the environment. Sadly, it's not only the environment, as the people also live in polluted environments. The goal for 2020 is usually a 20% cut.

Greenhouse emissions and climate change are part of the problem, but another of maximum importance too appears in the proliferation of harmful, toxic elements in the public air. Hydrocarbon combustion is vastly responsible of these emissions.

Some continue thinking that the economy would collapse after reducing the emissions. Opinions that cost global instability and the advent of more harmful pollution, for everyone. The target of cutting by 20% still permits too much pollution, in the same planet where a near star places energy for hundreds of civilizations. Politicians shouldn't follow orders of the capital trying to destroy the environment in exchange for profit in numbers, forgetting "the other profit" in health risks; and a great shame in historical terms.

This is not a matter of technology, the world already knows the availability of methods to convert solar energy into electricity with the aid of simple tools. Oil and carbon were always dirty, and they create dirty situations.

Any individual must remember how a business depends on sales, and without them, it normally goes to the oblivion. Buying and using those harmful products should be made with responsibility. As little as possible because otherwise there are too many accomplices.

Anyway, institutionally, some present goals, instead of promoting more risk, and talking of money.

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