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Solar energy... yes, it's nuclear energy

FeaturedSolar energy... yes, it's nuclear energy

Let's remind how a carbon-combustible based society could be completely overwhelmed by the strong laws that come from nuclear energy. Nonetheless those laws are extremely dangerous inside the atmosphere, creating an insane risk that affects every living organism with DNA chains at a global scale. Ionizing radiation produces DNA malfunctions as a cause-effect. So a cell has wrong information and... what happens? Any emission, with distance as a multiplication factor, increases the risk. Every nuclear disaster augments the numerical index of death for this reason toward everyone, as tests of nuclear weapons, or simply more unstable atoms into the gravity layer.

Nuclear energy tough should continue in the top for an evolved civilization if it recalls the nature of solar energy. The Sun produces that extreme quantity of energy for a reason: nuclear modifications.

It's true that the discovery of hydrocarbons have been creating a mess of pollution that affects too many people. As a habituation, this energy was the easy choice and it created groups with capital that intend to continue with the business. To focus or fatten any business that creates obvious health risks looks always a bad idea, worse if it promotes fatality.

Electricity is clean, powerful and safe, and with solar energy, it outperforms any other solution with studies of pros and cons in the table. The rational choice continues in front of the population. It can achieve a 100% global reduction of toxic emissions. The time of implantation, however, writes an unfortunate history for many, specially who has power to decide or lead to the change.

Please go clean even if it's a bit more inconvenient. Remind how the analysis of inconvenience seems relative accounting with health.

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