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Broken screen, can we fix it?

FeaturedBroken screen, can we fix it?

The tablet falls and surprisingly that scratch-resistant glass breaks forever. What a feature! And after, a lot of people think this could be an expensive repair or complicated. Well, it's maybe not true.

If the tablet or smartphone seems to work, normally the problem is a piece called the digitizer. Before opening a device of this kind, full of silicon microelectronics, always wear static protection. Most of the time a wrist wrap tied to metal should be enough, but also take care with static electricity prone materials in tools or the surface.

The digitizer comes with adhesive but changing it is not very difficult as multiple videos on the Internet explain. Those videos usually forget static protection and the device could start to experience erratic behavior after it. Simply note down your model and perhaps eBay or other alike market should have the part ready to ship at a reasonable price, even with tools for the purpose.

To despise perfectly usable devices comes at a high price in environmental terms, so be responsible!

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