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Create your own cloud with FTP and SSL

Create your own cloud with FTP and SSL

Now people with two or more devices with Internet access starts to be common and with it, the ability to work in specific archives from different workstations. With a cloud system, there's no need to track the archive date or from where the last update was.

The operating system or specific software allow to recognize the FTP space as another drive. This means that once you achieve to configure the system, using it is very simple. The application of choice would see the FTP drive as any other.

Nevertheless some would say that some archives with protected works perhaps are better through secure sockets, and this is when SSL comes into play. Purchasing a SSL certificate sometimes looks a bit expensive for a year period but please remember how multiple companies provide discount prices by tickets or in special days. Some planning here helps considerably.

With this solution, you could have a private cloud with your own terms of service and warranties. Anyway, with so many companies offering free cloud services, it's perhaps a bit strange if you do not have special configuration needs!

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