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Installing solar panels

FeaturedInstalling solar panels

In some areas the energy distribution contract provides options like 2.2kW or 3.3kW for peak consumption. It means that if you surpass this threshold some device is going to be angry and it quits the line.

Installing several solar panels should provide the same output in kilowatts, but giving the user complete freedom and independence, also forgetting expenses on this. Establishing a contract with the environment. With some math, not so many square meters for panels.

This sector (local solar energy acquisition) is going to experience a revolution as there are multiple potential customers in any house or building of any size. Solar cells could be made flexible or transparent, giving the ability of coherently design architecture with the idea of providing maximum benefits to the people that live inside.

Installing a basic setup doesn't even need professional assistance, with not so many pieces to link. There are kits for mobile scenarios as well, very interesting and reasonable output.

As this is not like oil, do you want to invest in a farm to sell it afterwards? The road isn't still full, so...

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