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How to control the electricity bill?

FeaturedHow to control the electricity bill?

To start, a Sun emits enough energy for several civilizations thus the energy is as free and public as the air. A distribution service for home appliances has a different basis and needs investments both in terms of space, work and materials. Any individual could install a method to acquire available energy or to boost it after the counters of the energy distributor, without costs more than the already mentioned investments in equipment and we encourage everyone to do so.

Anyway if there's no chance of doing that the first thing that the user should know before opening the mail with the price from the energy company is how the total expense is calculated.

Calculating the price is a mathematical process that needs a machine to count the kilowatts/hour that the user consumes. So, this implies the physical presence of a device in a spot that you can check without many complications. The bill normally comes with the readings of the device in question so with the last bill anyone could know the start number that will show the consumption for the next period. So no surprises; it's the method to know what's going on like the company does. Even to know if the technical device goes right or counts poorly. Think of it as a special multimeter so turning off any other electric device and plugging a 1000W consumption it should increase one unit per hour.

To observe a high number looks like a good therapy to control the consumption as some nations provide an example of a high price per kilowatt/hour and curious contracts.

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