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Working with the mind

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Certainly it's possible to cite two states: active and passive. Each extreme has its own gradations although any person should be capable of stopping thoughts entering in a passive state. The question is, does anyone like it?

TV or media for instance, the so-called entertaining comes with the potential of turning the mind in a less active state for instance if you compare it with a programming contest or making a complex circuit for some space shuttle being controlled with a stopwatch. Is this right?

Then, assuming it, what would happen if two individuals go for different paths during large periods of time? One prefers passivity and other activity: the difference would be very noticeable as it also happens with sport, in the physical counterpart. People capable of running large distances where others cannot even dream about it due to their great passivity using machines for transportation and carry weights principally.

That's why we always recommend going to the difficult side and working as much as possible. When the brain gets tired, it might be the signal for waking up tomorrow with something better.

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