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How to obtain titanium

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Titanium still is a recent discovery with only several centuries of distance and has its name from the Greek mythology, the so-called Titans. Metallurgy was known far back and perhaps someone would ask why was there without being discovered.

Well, it's not particularly scarce —at all— but Titanium always occurs in this planet mixed with other chemical elements. The process to obtain pure —close to it at least— titanium requires high temperatures and techniques to release the undesired bonds, not easy at first.

Today finally there are dozens of titanium grades while any particular user of such material might only hear about "titanium" without more specifications. The price of titanium goes high if the process to obtain it requires too many steps like today although this could change in a near future making the very interesting properties of this metal closer to the most relevant part of the population. For example and giving you an idea copper is less abundant than titanium by far.

There are teams working on it. Sadly, to obtain titanium almost sure it will be done in an industrial process.

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