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Warning with lasers! Part II

FeaturedWarning with lasers! Part II

The other issue comes by contact, as a source of radiation and high energy. There are lasers capable of cutting steel leaving few doubts about being dangerous. As the power goes up the danger escalates until those movies with lasers as weapons.

Not always a movie or science fiction, because now it's possible to know about military devices basing the primary source of energy from this source. It's better to invest time or resources in something with more rationality and why not solving other main problems like hunger or poverty, or education for everyone, but anyway it remains a today's fact.

Many countries establish regulations to protect people from lasers and also several labels to warn users. A big problem comes when different individuals don't know about lasers and their associated danger and they could buy lasers from countries where those regulations don't apply or simply are fakes to sell with more ease.

Lasers are spectacular and useful, and completely safe with appropriate measures, so first is safety.

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