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Electricity vs ignition or nuclear based energies

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With a star like the Sun a single ignition, explosion or alike ideas inside the atmosphere to produce energy aren't strictly necessary. Playing with radioactivity, in an unstable environment like any place on Earth, with human errors in the agenda because nothing can be perfect nor even materials, states an irrational risk with potential consequences during thousands of years.

The human organism or others are conceived with electricity in mind, and sorry for the joke! Well, electricity is safe, can be carried without too many worries and doesn't produce harmful effects with pretty straightforward security measures.

On the other hand, and we constantly insist on it from here, the process that today creates so many problems is perhaps logical after the discovery of fire, metallurgy, industrial production and finally oil with entire seas of it below the Earth's surface but now we have a serious problem of pollution in cities and the interaction with the atmosphere causing risks. Some children see a hole and try to put the head on it, and after they call their parents for help when they are stuck. The adult population shouldn't make the same mistake and get stuck when there is a freeway with solar energy that promotes overall safety.

Without discussion to produce plutonium is a very bad idea and it's a byproduct of nuclear power plants.

The Sun —the most powerful nuclear power plant, and luckily placed outside the atmosphere— will continue (that or extinction so let's be optimistic) burning incredible quantities of hydrogen each second thus you could guess that an evolved society would prefer to take all this energy before creating risks toward their own existential experience, because it goes “out of hand” so stuck in a problem where none could exist with other methodologies.

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