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Audiophile cable or simple magic

The universe of the mindThe universe of the mind

If it's magic looks like an expensive one! The human brain has a percentage of self-induced phenomena although fortunately there's the possibility of knowing without doubts if the magic is real or a product of the imagination against physics to create a model of business without respect to the users. Before buying a cable with a price of a vehicle per meter, with this money it's possible to acquire copper with considerable diameter. And the best policy to avoid being fooled is having methods, technical ones this time, to establish a final decision. In terms of listening the best is double blind tests with A, B, C, D comparisons and mixing more factors. Not only cable, but EQ or other DSP solution, done by professionals with ideas to find and teach about wrong investments.

For creating a material that overcomes copper, remembering that this element is of Universal nature as others in the periodic table, perhaps it's necessary more than to put strange names to technologies and having a degree in marketing or sales forces.

At the same time, today most circuits —the exception continues being rare— are based in circuit boards, where the components that transport electricity are in the best case pure cooper but also has alloys with solder joints and other aspects to consider before being seduced with miracles at a disproportionate price with the finality of carrying electricity, a still not completely understood energy because it goes to the atomic level.

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