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Graphene enabled battery technology is closer

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With batteries there's not too much magic involved because once you have a better one with new specs it's only a matter of installing it instead of the last one. It's then possible to easily update a manufacturing system with them, and that's a reason why the jump to the street doesn't need a hundred years.

Combustion engines should be understood as machines to pollute the environment and with it, multiple problems to the people that live nearby. It would be irresponsible as well and a sign of guilt the fact of forgetting the harm to other species.

The problem of the oil industry lies in the basis of the massive use as obviously related to setbacks for everyone, as tobacco, drugs or alike businesses. Finally, once technology like graphene is discovered and engineered, anyone could replicate it in any place without worries about conspiracy theories, black ops and such ideas. Like when cable conductors allowed to create transmission lines around the world interconnecting it, what happened with those who were making signals with smoke? It was not their best year, but some of them learned to use and even produce telephone cable, fast, foreseeing the next scenario.

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