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Metal, graphene or both?

FeaturedMetal, graphene or both?

Composite materials are still to be discovered and with them different set of properties that for sure come very helpful. That was the point in the last years mixing copper or zinc with graphene, leading to a much more resistant material than the original metals.

Fortunately, this area continues being a rich substrate for new discoveries, and then a great field to work. To produce carbon nanostructures at a high degree of purity isn't easy as of today although almost anyone could produce graphene and try to explore the characteristics of composite materials with the right tools and knowledge, most of it free and available online.

An area that accepts deep development is textile manufacturing since there's not a very strong material that allows very thin, resistant, flexible, adaptable and light material with extreme long life. Gloves or other protective gear could save numerous worries and injuries. At the same time, providing a greater experience in many aspects.

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