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DIY yogurt update

DIY yogurt update

Making your own yogurts saves an incredible quantity of plastics of one usage and for that reason we were performing tests to achieve a good experience in texture and taste. Well, the machine is not expensive and with a single yogurt, finally, with the right source, you could multiply by six (at least) the results.

The problem is when some sources that appear in stores do not provide a nice texture and the yogurt lacks consistency. Some people avoid this problem using milk powder but there are other solutions!

Recently we discovered that if you use a BIO yogurt, the result is almost an exact duplication of the source being difficult to difference the source or the replication.

Anyone would guess that perhaps not every BIO yogurt provides this consistency and taste although for sure there are different options to try. When you find a brand giving the desired replication, the search is over and you will experience week after week the same taste and texture but without producing plastic waste. It's worth a try!

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