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SDXC, the extended capacity

FeaturedSDXC, the extended capacity

First SD, after SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) and now the EX stands for extended capacity. After years of development, different options are ready to be selected by the true boss of the business, the customer.

The recording speed specifications continue at class 10 —so at least 10MB per second in the already present world of MHz— but we hope for a better transfer rate. This is the case of cards that today reach according to manufacturers 95MB/s writing data. Why don't call it Class 95? It's clearer to users.

The important mention is how the sector has ready cards with a surprising capacity of at least 512GB in that tiny dimension. Not cheap. The low price market retains options even at 8GB, sometimes 4GB.

What's possible with current methodologies in flash memory are 512GB by SanDisk, we think they are the only ones with that capacity in the market as of today!

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