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Seeing in infrared

FeaturedSeeing in infrared

Several creatures have organs to detect IR energy notably snakes, bats or insects, and some speculate about their ability to generate images from them. The human world has the benefit of technology and it includes now infrared cameras that do a very good work detecting infrared rays.

Because, incredibly, every object emits omnidirectional IR radiation so with the right tools the information could be registered and utilized with multiple purposes. A new set of tools permit a highly accurate temperature measurements in matter of less than a second, and their simplicity normally comes with a relatively low price in several brands.

Although those marvelous infrared cameras provide a map of the situation. In any application, something that the eye doesn't see. With them, you could discover important aspects in any place. For instance at home heat insulation problems like water leaks from outside or tubes, leaks on lights, overheats on electric wires or even construction problems like lacks of insulation panels.

The field was dominated with expensive models but now there's an option for Android or iPhone phones called Seek UW-AAA, or only to iPhone the FLIR One. In some cases ten or twenty times less expensive and this is remarkable.

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