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For open and compatible drivers

For open and compatible drivers

The extreme relevance of having working software drivers is because with their absence the chance of having electronic waste with noxious environment consequences increases. For it, they should be open and compatible between operating systems.

This to avoid wasting important resources that cause environmental contamination in exchange for a better position to force users with the lucrative, non ethical side of capitalism.

The lack of compatibility is being used to trick users in the lamentable task of despising perfectly working devices in terms of electronics. Having hardware that depends on hardware, "forgetting" users in an update could create more options to sell another device that doesn't have this curious problem.

A new operating system could experience a boost in sales when new hardware is bought. In this fashion, the user base grows and sooner or later it's cause to drag multiple companies and independent developers to it. The need for updates also comes with another big problem that appears with those that look ahead instead of backwards, locking the door too early without destining the same quantity of resources to past versions.

The consequence is always the same; more environmental toxicity and risk to everyone. And sometimes it has an easy solution.

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