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Most used OS?

Most used OS?

Windows or Unix based? Recently several changes of importance are taking place in the operating system area. Android, a work that was derived from Linux and continues with main blocks of it is right now in the first place of portable systems.

Windows is losing users in multiple zones, but still remains as the most used desktop OS. Although the jump of Linux kernel based toward nearly 25% as of December 2014 of web browsers creates a big difference and a tendency that gains users each day. Linux was evolving during decades and now has enough qualities to satisfy any user, with thousands of applications that normally are free. It's difficult to compete with a top OS, with no cost where you could do almost everything without being worried of other aspects like expensive applications. Developing countries included.

Linux needs a better policy to unify efforts avoiding the problems that look like the cause of its slow jump to the top. Windows always had a much better (even being worse than possible in terms of compatibility between operating systems ) policy to provide developers with free tools and unified complete APIs (Application Program Interfaces) with detailed documentation, examples that provide a nice experience to the software engineers. The same for drivers that permit access to hardware, so any company doesn't find a myriad of problems when it wants to implement drivers or an application.

Linux continues without support for multiple hardware devices or has limited functionality that creates a worse option in this aspect. Other people are simply finding those devices that fully support Linux (not a few) and finally achieve a 100% functional workstation without worries.

Any OS should achieve 100% compatibility with every hardware, with techniques to run every model from any age. That's how engineering can be conceived in paper from a certain point of technological development. Let's wait a bit more to see anything like this and at the same time, experiencing the consequences of the electronic waste for this reason.

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