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GPU power consumption realities!

FeaturedGPU power consumption realities!

This market moves tons of money each year, with manufacturers constantly presenting new products one after another. Major competitors have been going far until models with near 500W per unit, with 80W in idle mode like you could check in this link so it's difficult to deny that performance was related to a brutal increase in power consumption.

A power hungry monster that demands power supplies with at least 600W or more. It's not a surprise that you could right now double the performance of any system simply doubling the power that it consumes. A truth that it's the basis of supercomputers, going also far in performance but at the cost of consuming millions of watts.

Any sector could use this as a methodology to achieve more sales although sooner or later anyone would analyze the state of the art observing another truth behind improvements.

As computers consume more watts instead of less as another option of understanding technology, it gives green light to software companies, especially gaming, for trying projects like "open worlds" trying to mimic entire cities, with hundreds of autonomous characters like population, high detail models and textures.

These games even with high numbers in power consumption make computers slow and unplayable then perhaps giving a signal for more investments in hardware. So some win others lose, and the e-waste reality goes also bigger so the problems related to energy production and consumption with the atmospheric contamination at the top.

It should be much better to manufacture, promote, buy and use that technology that doesn't make you culprit of it.

The list of the initial link says "less is better"; this is true for any kind of operation.

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