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Magnetizers at work

FeaturedA typical magnetizerA typical magnetizer

There are metals that can be magnetized and demagnetized with the help of a device called magnetizer. For simple hand tools like screwdrivers the magnetizer usually has two areas thus the user chooses the preference between magnetized and demagnetized status.

Without testing it, some people do not trust on it but afterward, there's no doubt. This miracle of science seems for sure has an action at the atomic level, forcing the metal to acquire magnetic fields and defeat gravity when they fix other pieces of metal.

It happens merely exposing the metal to a magnetic field. There are different theories of action, going to Maxwell or others yet nonetheless fancy words and external references —with names and names and obfuscation— sometimes only try to hide the lack of knowledge about a subject.

“Magnetic moments of the atoms in the domain structure” […] The magnetizer works, and it's very useful.

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