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Again, thermosolar or photovoltaics

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To acquire the product of the top energy source in the nearest area, the Sun, some prefer to use photovoltaic panels because after the discovery of semiconductors, their construction was straightforward, they permit a localized production and after the initial cost of the panels and related equipment the energy independence is assured.

Although this has several problems that still aren't solved like the specification of efficiency, maintenance and lifetime of the panels. This makes hard to sustain a photovoltaic farm like a hydroelectric plant or others, with potentially infinite future at a minimum cost of maintenance in normal conditions.

The other option relies in the industrial sector of energy production in facilities or also installing thermosolar devices at the own location of consumption. The pieces for this technology could last hundred of years (mirrors, liquids, magnets, wire or metals to construct gears, pipes, reservoirs, ...). Tracking the Sun requires other tools that for sure increase worries at any level but it should be other methods without using motors.

As the oil goes down to the last drop while it's better to avoid any class of pollution after knowing the setbacks, these fields are going to experience sooner or later a big push to the front so it's a good field to investors and general focus.

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