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Is this a dream? Graphene polymer batteries

FeaturedIs this a dream? Graphene polymer batteries

This technology has enough qualities to solve multiple issues of maximum transcendence promoting a revolution in multiple sectors. Researchers from Cordoba, Spain have been developing with the help of a leading pioneer in industrial graphene production a new battery technology that breaks limits as graphene alone was being accustomed to.

Li-ion goes to the shadow if there's a new technology that presents an energy density three times superior, near 80% cheaper and allowing charging times in the rational area for transportation and the rhythm of life, with times of less than 10 minutes. This comes to be real, not a dream, and it's being tested at industrial facilities of well-known electric vehicle manufacturers.

Due to the inherent characteristics of this material anyone could expect game-changing news like this. And no; a long period to the implementation is not mandatory as we are talking about blocks of batteries with two poles.

Not all days... this is great!

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